Frequently Asked Questions

If none of the questions here solves your worry, you can meet ask your own question through the live chat or on the contact form on the contact page.

What is the shipping fee?

For all orders below $500, you need to pay a shipping fee of $30 for 3 days delivery but for all orders above $500 you get free delivery. Nevertheless, delivery charge for express 24 hour delivery is $50 within the US.

How are orders shipped?

After your is placed and paid for, We seal them in ziploc bags to prevent air movement hence no smell. We now package them as birthday gifts and have them sent out. We ship world wide multiple packages at the same time and overnight shipping is included to ensure quick delivery. In partnership with multiple shipping companies at various shipping points to ensure a high delivery success rate.

What Payment methods do you accept?

We accept payment through Dedit cards, Bitcoin, Apple Pay, Cashapp, or Zelle. We are working on adding PayPal soon.

Which countries do you ship to?

We ship discreetly within North America, Europe, South America and parts of Oceania. We just need an address.

Is there a minimum order amount?

Yes there is. The minimum order amount is $100.

How do I guarantee the arrival of my order?

We make sure that the shipping address matches the information you have provided in your order form. A tracking ID is also provided so you can track the delivery status online. We do not have control over the packages once they are shipped. We never had an issue of missing or stolen packages. We only get delays at most, due to mismatch of postal code or incorrect address

How do I know if Psychedelic Dreamland is Legit?

We are committed to providing you the best experience when buying psychedelic mushrooms online. We have been able to maintain an excellent reputation by word of mouth advertising, and steady repeat clientele and started as a private, invite only website. We have grown our customer base since then and decided to let the general public order off of us.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

Normally packages get a transit time of two to three business days to most areas of the country. Actual delivery times depend on origin, destination, weather conditions and other factors. Covid is seeing delays. If you believe your order is stuck or lost, please give us an email, and we are glad to help you.