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The LSD weed strain of cannabis is no laughing matter and offers its users a very sedating and cerebral high. It can put you in a deep state of relaxation as well as help with pains of all sorts, making it a top choice amongst medical cannabis users. The flavor is also quite spectacular – tasting of berries, bubblegum, and a pine forest.


  • Bubblegum
  • Piney
  • Strawberry

Common Usage

  • Anxiety
  • Migraines
  • Muscle Spams
  • Depressed
  • A lot of appetite


  • Relaxation
  • Sleep/Sedation
  • Spacy/Cerebral
  • Paranoia
  • Cotton Mouth

Lysergic acid diethylamide, better known as LSD, is a hallucinogenic drug created by Albert Hofmann back in 1938. It took him five years to realize that it had immense hallucinogenic potential, and in 1950, the CIA tested it on people without their knowledge in the infamous MKUltra program.

You would expect the marijuana strain of the same name to be an extremely potent form of weed that takes you to the moon and back, and it doesn’t disappoint!


  • THC – 24%
  • CBD – 2%
  • SATIVA – 45%
  • INDICA – 55%

What Is the LSD Weed Strain?

LSD weed is a fairly balanced hybrid with a whole lot of THC, although there is enough CBD to help ensure your high doesn’t get out of control, as long as you use sensible amounts. It is a cross of Mazar I Sharif (an extremely rare hybrid that comes from Afghanistan) and Skunk .

Barney’s Farm, a globally known breeder, based in Amsterdam, created this strain and the result is cannabis that offers an intense high similar to that provided by Girl Scout Cookies, but with a more relaxing effect. LSD won third place in the 2008 High Times Cup, and it is not a good option for novice users due to the fast, hard-hitting effects.

L.S.D. is an Indica-dominant strain, named after a potent psychedelic drug because of the strain’s extremely psychedelic and cerebral high. The strain starts with an upbeat sense of happiness that can cloud the mind and leave some users completely confused and “mentally stuck.” Some users claim to feel more creative or social after using L.S.D. in spite of the strong cerebral stimulation.

This degree of mental stimulation is quite rare for an Indica. Not surprisingly, L.S.D. also has typical Indica-based body effects. Users often notice the powerful body numbing 1 to 2 hours after ingestion, once most of the cerebral effects wear off. The negative effects may include cotton mouth, dry eyes, dizziness, headaches, and minor paranoia.

LSD Aroma

You can easily smell the potent pine scent along with skunky notes that dominate your senses. Yet if you can get past the potency, you may be treated to a delightful sweetness.

LSD Flavor

LSD tastes similar to how it smells. You get a heavy pine taste with a dank skunkiness, but some berry notes linger on the tongue, along with a slight bubble-gum taste at the back end.

LSD Appearance

LSD has the classic indica appearance insofar as it has round and cone-shaped buds. The dense bud structure means you need to be wary of excess humidity, and the color ranges from dark to wintergreen. It also has rather small trichomes, and it isn’t all that easy to see the pistils change color.

LSD Strain Grow Info

LSD is a fairly easy strain to grow because you can leave it alone and it will provide you with excellent yields. If you really want to maximize this strain’s potential, top the plant to help growth spread all over. As it is a plant that grows short and thick, it is worth pruning the lower branches to ensure the buds on the upper part of the plant thrive.

Once you have LSD seeds in your hand, you can decide to grow it indoors or outdoors because of its high resistance to pests and disease. It yields up to 21 ounces per square meter planted indoors and its flowering time is 7-8 weeks. Outdoors, it provides around 18 ounces per plant and is ready for harvest by the middle of September.

Regardless of the location, keep the temperature between 65- and 80-degrees Fahrenheit during the day. When growing indoors, this relates to the time when the lights are on. If you grow LSD outdoors, be wary of rainfall because the buds are dense and susceptible to bud rot. Keep the humidity on the lower end of the recommended ranges.

As for feeding, LSD should be fed a moderate amount of nutrients. If you are using soil as the growing medium, add organic fertilizers such as bat guano and worm castings during the flowering stage.

THC Content – Highest Test

It is normal for LSD to have a THC content of over 20%. A few tests have revealed that samples of LSD contain 24% THC. Ideally, the method of potency testing used on your LSD weed will also include THC-A and CBD-A, the acid forms of the well-known cannabinoids. The acid forms are produced by the plant naturally and are more shelf-stable. However, they don’t have the effects that people want because they need to be activated.

In other words, you need to be wary of the claims of breeders with regards to THC and other cannabinoids. When they say that there are 25% cannabinoids in any given strain, what are the respective THC and CBD percentages?

Incidentally, you should consider purchasing a vaporizer to get the most out of LSD. When you smoke a joint, the combustion process results in the loss of important terpenes and cannabinoids. Vaporization, on the other hand, occurs at lower temperatures than combustion, which reduces cannabinoid and terpene loss and decreases the breakdown of THC into CBN.

CBD Content – Highest Test

LSD also contains a relatively high level of CBD. It has 2% on average, but some tests have shown a CBD level of up to 5%. At a THC to CBD ratio of over 4:1, it won’t be enough to counteract the high completely, but it may take the edge off. Despite this, LSD is still too potent for newbies.

What Effects Can I Expect from the LSD Weed Strain?

LSD is an exceedingly potent strain so don’t charge in and consume several grams in a rush to get high or else you’ll get more than you bargained for. It begins with an invigorating cerebral high that enables you to unwind. It then switches to a heavy indica high that reduces mobility and could even induce couch lock.

The head high can make you feel spaced out, and it is often too debilitating for novices. You will zone in on whatever is in front of you, which means hiding your high from the boss will be tricky! We would not recommend smoking it until an hour or two before your bedtime. Ultimately, you benefit from a stony, classic indica high, so don’t take it if you have plans that involve going out, or interacting with people!

Medical Benefits of the LSD Weed Strain

A combination of high THC and CBD levels means LSD is used regularly as medicinal marijuana. Its strong relaxing properties make it a good option if you have stress, anxiety, or depression. The high enables you to stay in the moment and prevents your mind from wandering into regions that cause nervousness.

LSD can also help with chronic pain because you’ll be far too spaced out to feel anything! Consider using it for joint pains, muscle spasms, and migraines. If you have insomnia, take a few hits an hour before bed to potentially improve the quality and quantity of your sleep.

Possible Side Effects of the LSD Strain

LSD is a very powerful strain, so please use it in moderation! If you overindulge, paranoia, dizziness, and anxiety could accompany your high. It is also a strain known for causing a dry mouth and dry eyes.

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