Penis Envy Mushrooms

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High-Potency Penis Envy Mushrooms

Penis Envy Mushrooms. You’d be mistaken if you assumed that the popularity of this mushroom is a result of its comical name and appearance. In fact, it’s one of the most potent strains of magic mushrooms in the world. It might not be the best start for the uninitiated. But for experienced psychonauts, it’s one of the most eye-opening and insightful trips you’ll ever go on.

Mushroom History

The first recorded mushroom trip occurred in London in 1799, when a man cooked a meal for himself and his family containing semilanceata. As they say, the rest is history. While there are many other species of Psilocybe, including semilanceata, cyanescens and azurescens, cubensis is the one we call ‘shrooms.’

Naturally, cubensis is limited to growing in tropical and subtropical climates, but it’s pretty easy to cultivate them indoors. As such, they’re the most popular strain in shops and online. In many places, you can only get the spores to grow yourself — but at PsychedelicDreamland, we send them to your door, ready to drop.

Cubensis is renowned for its dense, thick stems and broad, large caps. Decades of generational isolation means they grow faster than other species. Sensations you can expect from this type of mushroom include feelings of love and togetherness, euphoria, visual augmentation, synesthesia and minimization of the ego.


It’s crucial that you take the correct dose for your level of experience and mood on the day. Even for people who have used Sativa, LSD,  DMT and other strains of mushrooms get taken into the stratosphere with these chunky little guys. We’d recommend preparing them with chocolate or as a broth.

The result will be a trip into a previously unexplored dimension as the walls of perception break down around you. What it leaves most people with is a sense of connection to a deeper sense of consciousness and awareness of energy which it hides from us in a sober state.

The Trip

One of the most important aspects of any trip, and arguably anything, is mindset. Penis Envy mushrooms can magnify your sense of love, gratitude, understanding and unity. You might meet transcendental beings, come face to face with your inner self or gain a deeper knowledge of yourself and the world. Your relationship with light, sound and movement will transform for the duration of the trip, and lots of people experience a wonderful afterglow.

Many individuals who have used the Penis Envy mushroom report a sense of becoming less egotistical and more carefree. They can heighten your senses and shift your perspective so that you understand the significance of your life’s priorities in a new context.

Who Is Terence McKenna?

People also know Terence McKenna as the altered statesman, and for good reason. Legend has it that he cultivated the original Penis Envy mushroom and brought it to the world. They think of him as one of the leading modern shamans and drew countless comparisons with Timothy Leary. He wasn’t just an experimental drug-user though, he was a serious botanist and scientists.

Terence developed theories about time, space and consciousness based on the I, Ching. Inspired by Aldous Huxley as a young man; he dedicated his life to understanding consciousness and helping people to see the world from different perspectives. He was obsessed with learning and loves technology almost as much as he adored his beloved psychedelics. Penis envy mushroom.

Together with his brother, he developed a method of using spores from the Amazon to grow magic mushrooms in America. These developments meant that anyone could grow them at home using ordinary cooking utensils for the first time.

Liberate Your Mind

If you’re ready to free your mind from preconceptions and see the world from a new, euphoric perspective — try Penis Envy mushrooms today.


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